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Kimdavary_designer is a design Fashion and Swimwear brand that relates to quality, colorful, and comfort. 

Each of my products is individually made by hand, and is crafted very carefully with great deal of love and attention, so very single item is unique and like no other.



-‘For the dreamers, the mermaids, the girls with salt in their hair & sand between their toes’-

I always had an infinite love with the sun, the sand and the sea.

The designs inspired by my love to the summer, beach, sea and the sun. 

The collection design and make by me, and the stock of each models is limited so you can feel special with your new swimwear. 


I choose the highest quality fabrics, most striking colors and prints, and designing the perfect fit for each one.

In addition hand made swimwear in personal design for all sizes and shapes- it’s absolutely possible! 




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